The Sidecar Bar Band

Who is
The Sidecar Bar Band?

Brooklyn's Heavy Swingin'-Space-Funk-Fusion Extravaganza! A constant work in progress, always taking risks, without looking back, and making a point to move foward into the galaxy! The Sidecar Bar Band was an idea created through frustration from collaboration. In conjunction with the term side project, The Sidecar Bar Band was originally just that! Stemming from roots of rock, punk, funk, jazz, ska, reggae, and metal, the variety showmanship demonstrated in the music is executed without limits; bringing to mind the idea of progression. Formed by a drummer and saxophonist extraordinaire who met through another project both worked on in the past, the duo saw many goals, ideas, conflicts, and changes ahead of them! Something needed to be done, and quickly! First up, get a solid bass player. Not an easy gig, but someone's got to do it! Patrick Plunkett*. Imported by default, due to living with tenor/baritone sax player Jeff Rentschler, and constantly hearing the trials and tribulations day in and day out played with drummer Jamie Phillips, and various other musicians, Pat just couldn't bare to see the duo's struggle for success continue. Pat also couldn't resist the power of the rock! The Sidecar Bar Band was now a power trio consisting of a sax, bass, and drums. Interesting music was created, but a vision came about to create something bigger, and way out there. Horns, rock, funk; something more. Then it came to them. The idea of a sextet, broken down by two power trios. First the traditional power trio; bass, guitar, and drums. Alongside them, the power horn trio; a sax, a trumpet, and a trombone. Another mission had now begun. The Sidecar Bar Band needed some horns, and a solid, creative songwriter/guitarist. The search for a trombone player was easier than it sounded. Greg Robinson, a true virtuoso for the instrument came along through the friend of a friend happenings. Pure energy turned into magic through some spontaneous jams at the bands Brooklyn loft. Greg was undeniably the trombone player for The Sidecar Bar Band, and if there is a God, the miracle came next! Enter Mikel Prester. Alto saxophonist, guided spirit, and exotic wind player from another world! Through the smell in the airs of Brooklyn, Jamie was walking home from an intense session at the studio and spotted what he thought looked like a trumpet case in this guy's hands. Drunken confidence gave the ability to shout out something towards his direction, attracting the attention of whom would be Mikel. Exchanging a few words, briefly sharing their love for music, Jamie knew they had to collaborate. A month or two later, after a couple more run-ins on the street, Mikel Prester was jamming with The Sidecar Bar Band, quickly joining the group full time to pursue the road and beyond. Still needing a guitarist, The Sidecar Bar Band was coming along exactly as had in mind. The power horn trio was here, slightly different from the original idea, yet unbelievable in its power and synchronicity. A unique experience truly delivered to the fullest extent of the law! The last piece of the puzzle is a quirky, mad scientist from Florida whose creative genius has yet to be fully unleashed. Always experimenting and tweeking, Cliff Brett is not just a guitarist, he's a madman with ideas and sounds you've never seen nor heard before! Innovative, raunchy, swanky, and all that comes through like a freight train just before he smacks you in the face with lyrical lunacy. Perfect for the situation ahead, The Sidecar Bar Band was now complete. The vision. A dream. The band. A party! Brooklyn's Heavy Swingin'-Space-Funk-Fusion Extravaganza!

*Please note that Patrick Plunkett left the band and was replaced by Merlyn Ember in late 2004, then Jimmy Sullivan stepped in 2005, and both of whom are no longer members of the band. Jake Frascinella  replaced them, respectively in 2006 .

*As of 2012, all members of The Sidecar Bar Band are involved with other projects in the artist community including film, painting, teaching, and of course music!

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